Hey guys! This is my website, it’s called CabacoAppNews where I’ll be reviewing the latest and greatest apps that are available on the iPhone, iPodTouch and sometimes the iPad. Stuff about myself: My name is Pedro, i’m a portuguese fellow that owns an iPhone and recently wanted to make a website for everybody’s enjoyment. My currently favorite apps are Game Dev Story and Infinity Blade. I have a channel on Youtube, my username is Cabaco14 and I might upload some videos at my channel too. Please enjoy everybody!
Further updates are coming such as new products revealed, new app reviews and more free app of the day so stay tuned for more that is coming!
Founder: Myself, Pedro Cabaco
Helpers: Tiago Cabaco, Virgilio Gouveia


2 Responses to About

  1. Virgilio says:

    The best site ever!!!

  2. Derrick Edwards says:


    I hope you have been well.

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