Paladog Promo Code Giveaway

Alright this is big we over at CabacoAppNews contacted FazeCat, the guys that made Paladog and they sent us 3 promo codes for a contest giveaway! All you have to do is comment down below saying how bad you want one of these three promo codes! Once we get at least 5 comments, the contest is over so hurry up!

Thanks FazeCat!


About cabacoappnews

I'm a regular guy that owns an iPhone and likes everything that has to do with technologies.
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5 Responses to Paladog Promo Code Giveaway

  1. Virgilio says:

    I want one promo code so bad that i could goall days in my life to app store and wait all night until the full version of the app becomes free. But now that i have this chance i’m the luckiest guy ever!!!

  2. Tatá says:

    I want this promo code so bad that i would sell my wife on eBay to be able to pay the full version price of it!!!

  3. 45maxmaxmax says:

    I want one of the promo codes so bad that I would break my beloved iphone 4 for it!

  4. 45maxmaxmax says:

    Oh and Thank you so much cabacoappnews and FazeCat!!!!… Twitter followed!

  5. Mario and Sonic says:

    I want the code so bad that I would hit Chuck Norris toget one!!!!

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