Review: Family Guy Time Warped

Family Guy Time Warped is the second Family Guy game made by Glu on the AppStore. Comparing to the last one, Family Guy Uncensored, this one has improved a whole lot starting right off with the graphics. The characters look a whole lot more detailed and also look more like in the TV series than in a video game. You play as Stewie whose plan has been fouled by Brian, who you also play as, and both get lost in time and your goal is to find the time remote and Rupert. There are three main areas you play in, Modern Quahog, Ancient Rome and in 1851 where you’ll go through some bars. The gameplay is simple, you tap the left or right arrow to go to the designed direction, tap the jump button to jump, tap the bat button to hit enemies and even have, as Stewie, a power that allows you to perform a Mega-Punch! There are trophies to unlock and along the way you will want to collect some uranium to sort of power up your character. There are achievements and leaderboards. An awesome addition is that while in game you’ll unlock, as you collect trophies, some clips from the popular TV show.

Price: 0.99$

Rating: 9/10-EXCELLENT


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