Review: Angry Birds

Angry Birds is probably the most popular app/game on the AppStore. It’s the most sold app in the AppStore of all time and it deserves it’s title for the geniousity of the game. A group of thief pigs have stolen the eggs of the birds and the main goal in this game is for you to shoot down all the pigs from intelegently designed levels. It works like a slingshot, the way you throw the birds. There are 6 birds in all with each one of them having a special power, i.e. the black bird works like a bomb that blows up once you click the screen. 5 worlds in all really help with the longevity of this game and about 200 levels in all, for the price tag that is offered this game is a pure steal.

Price: 0.99$

Rating: 10/10-PERFECT!


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