Review: Faceman

Faceman is an iPhone filter photo application that lets you choose in between 5 pages of 4 photo filters (20 filters). These filters are, most of them, from the Mac filters application. Here’s a list of all the filters:

– Swirl, X-Ray, Sepia, Stretch

– Sketch, Dent, Heat, Emboss

– AsciiArt, LightTunnel, Squeeze, Bulge

– Led, Mirror, BlackandWhite, Toon

– ModerArt, 100Me, NightVision, BrokenTv

All of these are really fun and great filter effects. The most fun are the Dent, Bulge and 100Me effects. i.e. the 100Me makes the picture multiply 100 times. This is a real fun application that you have to check out and it’s probably the best photo filter app in the AppStore.

Price: 0.99$

Rating: 9.5/10-EXCELLENT!


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I'm a regular guy that owns an iPhone and likes everything that has to do with technologies.
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