Review: Juxtaposer

Juxtaposer is an iPhone application that works as a professional image cropper just like you would do in Adobe Photoshop. To make this work, it’s much easier than it would be on a Mac or PC because you’re actually controlling it all with your very own fingers. You select the background picture then select the image you want to crop and after that all you have to do is erase the parts that are surrounding the part of the image you want to use. You can save cropped images so that you can use them later on with other pictures and that helps a whole lot. Moving the cutted images is another thing you have to do, you have to grab the cropped image and move it over onto the place you want it to be at. All in all, Juxtaposer is a fun and useful application, that you can either use for work or just have some fun with it and a couple of friends showing the pictures you made!


Rating: 8/10-GOOD


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I'm a regular guy that owns an iPhone and likes everything that has to do with technologies.
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