iPhone Secrets

This is a list of secrets that you might know about or not. Some of these also exist on the other iPhones.

– Battery Percentage – Settings > General > Usage > Battery Percentage > ON

– When writing something and you want to delete something, just shake to undo.

– Voice Control – Hold the Home Button for about 3 seconds.

– White on Black – Settings > General > Accessibility > White on Black > ON

– Info about iPhone – Settings > General > About

– Pass-Code Lock – Settings > General > Accessibility > Pass-Code Lock

– Move Apps – To move or erase apps just hold your finger over an app until the app starts shaking.

– Create Folders – Drag an app over to another app to create a folder. The iPhone will intelegently create a name based on the categories of each of the apps in it.


About cabacoappnews

I'm a regular guy that owns an iPhone and likes everything that has to do with technologies.
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