Review:Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story is a game developed by KairoSoft, a Japanese developer company, that its main goal is to get players to get an idea of how it is like to run a game developer company. It’s just simply genius the way they designed this game. In the beggining you get to have 4 workers that aren’t that great. Then as time goes by, new consoles will be released, new game genres, new offices and even new workers will be available for you to hire. Each worker has its main quality, for example, the Sound Engineers are better at Sound making, while Designers are the bests at developing game Graphics. At a certain point within the game you’re prompted to design a console, give it it’s very own name and qualities. In conclusion, Game Dev Story is one of the best games available in the AppStore and is worth for everyone to check out and give it a try specially the game developing enthusiasts like myself.
Price: 3.99$/2.99€


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